Welcome to Self Portrait Studio by Lisa Haukom

At SPS we are firmly anti-selfie. We are tired of letting others dictate our image and hiding.

About Me

The Goldenbrand Virtual Studio’s mission is to promote a refreshing take on beauty and self-love through photography, specifically the back camera lens. We think that having photos of yourself should be normal and that you don’t have to be “ready” to take a photo — you can just be real.  We help you realize this through intimate virtual photography sessions and self portrait education.  

Why You Should Join Me

There is a lack of representation for real women who want real photos that aren’t overly edited or photoshopped. So many of us are moving through life feeling deficient and at fault for the disconnection we feel from our own photos. We struggle with truly believing ourselves to be worthy of a portrait. This is all very, very normal. We all laugh, we all cry, we all feel insecure — it’s all part of growing and evolving. It’s riding on the edge of change and it means a metamorphosis is on the way.  I’m here for that.

A Big Thanks

I appreciate each member of this community for the unique perspective and energy you bring.  We all benefit when you participate and support one another.

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